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Rapelang Rabana - Rekindle Learning

Rapelang Rabana is the innovative founder behind Rekindle Learning, a company looking to improve education in Africa by turning people's compulsion to check their phones into an opportunity to learn.

Founded on the belief that every person should be able to develop their knowledge and learn, Rekindle Learning uses computer and mobile internet devices to translate the benefits of these devices to education, training and human development.

The company develops products with the idea in mind that computer and mobile internet devices are transformative in their capacity to overcome inefficiencies, socio-economic barriers and weak infrastructure.

KnowledgeFox - Rapid competency-based learning

KnowledgeFox is a sophisticated learning tool designed to entrench the 'what and why' knowledge (concepts, principles, rules) quicker and more deeply for greater retention and application using microlearning methodology. It ensures personalised reinforcement of learning in a wide range of academic and organisational learning areas. In addition to a number of academic subjects, it can be effectively applied to entrench corporate training for: compliance and regulatory requirements; product and sales knowledge; operating standards and processes; corporate culture - and to conduct staff onboarding programmes.

English Word Power - Reaching Language Proficiency through Technology

English language proficiency is a significant contributor on the path to learning success. English Word Power is an online tool that helps learners take their English proficiency to new heights - specifically geared towards matriculants, university students and young graduates. With structured support and assistance, learners are encouraged to work their way to a stronger command of the English language, setting them apart from their peers and helping them excel in the workplace. Benchmarked against international proficiency standards, EWP develops reading, writing and listening skills.

Virtual Advisor - Decisionmaking performance support

Virtual Advisor is an intelligent online coach that is smart enough to provide expert level advice in real time to make the best decision to complete a task - 'how to' knowledge. It ensures that everyone gets things right the first time, every time. With the Virtual Advisor every selection made and decision undertaken is tracked to ensure full compliance and to enhance business intelligence and reporting. This means that you can now capture and scale organisational expertise (complex decision-making logic), across key functions: sales, customer service, compliance, and operations.

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