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Umlazi to Harvard:Mfundo Radebe

Mfundo Radebe matriculated from Crawford College La Lucia.

Where will you complete your undergraduate studies and in what field of study?

I will be completing my undergraduate studies at Harvard University, majoring in Political Sciences and Economics with a focus on African development, graduating in 2020.

What prompted you to apply to study overseas?

I have always felt that, particularly as Africans, we should not limit our horizons. We should become global citizens because that is the best way to orientate ourselves around the demands of a globalised economy. I felt that an international education will broaden my understanding about what it means to be a
South African and what I can contribute as well. I also wanted to grow as a person and become independent from the start of my young life, and surpass any expectations.

Which financial aid/ bursary did you obtain?

I obtained financial aid from Harvard University which is comprehensive for all four years.

What will be the challenges of studying abroad?

What I can say right now the hardest thing will be changing my mentality and learning to assimilate the culture of academia which the United States' demands. I think it can be quite easy as an international student to travel from your home country leaving with a 'chip on your shoulder' which can then lead to many setbacks and some cultural shock. I have thus been preparing myself to be quite open-minded and take things one day at a time. I also think it has been scary to preempt what exactly my future role will be back in South Africa once I have graduated, but I hope that will work itself out once I get there.

What are the highlights of the experience of obtaining a bursary you?

Up till this day, the highlight has been logging into my application portal and seeing the words 'Congratulations, you have been accepted to the [Harvard College] Class of 2020' I screamed with sheer excitement! I'm hoping for more of these experiences as I undertake this intellectual experience.

What would your advice be to students considering applying to study overseas?

If you want to study in the United States, visit Susan at EducationUSA. If you want to study elsewhere, visit Susan at EducationUSA and I'm sure she'll refer you somewhere. The EducationUSA programme is very good at helping you familiarise yourself with the complexities of the application process and just what you're getting yourself into. It's good to be prepared and having expert advice is just that boost you need
as you launch your career, on a global scale!

Any additional comments?

I sincerely hope to make a positive impact in the South African political or corporate scene when I return. Between now and graduation, I hope to expand on my ties to South Africa by hopefully undertaking in internships and other programmes.

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