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An incredible Opportunity:Bongani Dladla

Bongani Dladla completed his schooling at Edendale Technical School in Pietermaritzburg.

Bongani Dladla completed his undergraduate studies in civil engineering (cum laude) at the University of
KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) at both the Pietermaritzburg and later the Durban campuses. Bongani is currently reading for his Master's degree at UKZN and is employed at Umgeni Water.

The desire to continue studying has ensured that he is now the proud recipient of a prestigious Fulbright study grant. He said, "I need to learn more in order to make a meaningful contribution to society. I will use
this opportunity to further my knowledge and learn new ways of doing things so that I can make a difference." Having had practical work experience will also be put to good use as he has a good understanding of industry needs, which exceeds a purely theoretical background.

Bongani will be attending the University of California Berkeley to obtain his doctorate in environmental planning. He said, "Attending the University would have been impossible without obtaining a bursary." Part of his time will be spent teaching a course in "Environmental Science for Sustainable Development". Part of his studies will be funded through NSF's "Data for the 21st Century" Fellowship he has been offered by Berkeley.

Bongani knows that future challenges will be missing home and not being able to visit regularly. He will also miss the community projects in which he has been involved as they have become an important part of his life. However, his wife and son will accompany him and this will make a big difference to his life in

He said, "This is an incredible opportunity for someone from my background. Start planning very early in your student years to take advantage of opportunities such as these and don't limit yourself."

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