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Lira - An Inspiration

Songstress Lira has become a huge inspiration to the young people of South Africa. She has established herself as the foremost female artist in South Africa and a formidable presence on the global music scene. Her music career spans 13 years and includes six studio albums, three live DVDs, an autobiography and a movie.

Born in Ekurhuleni, East of Johannesburg, Lira began writing songs and performing at age 16 before she was discovered in 2000 and signed to 999 where she released her debut album All My Love in 2003.

Born Free is Lira's 6th studio album and is a self-declared soundtrack to a generation. When asked to elaborate on the significance of the title; "I grew up in a world where I faced so many limitations. I realised defining freedom for myself and subsequently living it was what I needed to do. In exploring this, the concept of "Born Free" became clearer. I want people to realise how powerful they are and that they can own their freedom. This album has become more than a body of musical work, it seeks to inspire and create change - physically and most importantly, mentally "says Lira.

As a motivational speaker and author of Making Herstory, Lira testifies as to how she found liberation within her spirit and mind, beyond just the laws abolishing apartheid. "Nelson Mandala's mission was very simple - to liberate the people." she noted. "But once our generation was free, we didn't know what to do with this freedom. No one teaches you how to be free, you just sort of get thrust into this world. One moment you learn to behave in a certain way to cope with how things are, then the next moment everyone is saying you're free, but you don't know how to be free. You don't know how to behave. In my book I discuss some of the things I have learned that I think people can benefit from."

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