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Opportunities To Study In China

In 2010, When China had only 265,090 international students, the Chinese Government launched a national program to increase the number of international students, Study in China 2020. The goal is to host 500,000 international students (both school children and college students) in the year 2020, with 150,000 of them in degree programs. To guarantee the quality of education and service provided to international students, the Ministry of Education will identify 100 exemplary universities.

All colleges and universities are open to international students, including vocational and technical colleges that offer equivalence of 3- year diploma or higher certificate.

Currently, there are 489,200 international students from 204 countries and areas studying in 935 colleges and universities in China's 31 provinces (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan not included), among which 241,500 or about half of them are in degree programs, and 75,800, or 15% of them are in a Master's and Doctoral degree program.

Among them, 58,600 of China's international students, from 180 countries and areas, are supported by Chinese Government Scholarship, 88% of them are enrolled in a degree program, and 70% of them are in a master's or doctoral degree program. There 289 universities in China that are eligible to admit students
to be granted the Chinese Government Scholarship.

It is apparent that if you would like to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, you have a better chance if you have already got a bachelor's degree.

Each year, China provides 100 or so Chinese Government Scholarships to South African nationals. The Chinese Government Scholarship is open to students at all academic levels from Bachelor's programs and
up, and in whatever disciplines and subject areas in 289 of China's best universities.

Applicants will need to go through the Department of Higher Education and Training's International Scholarship Service. The Embassy will select among the recommended candidates to nominate to the China Scholarship Council in Beijing.

Apart from the Chinese Government Scholarship, there are also scholarships provided by the local governments and companies through the universities.

Right now, there is a central hub where you can access these scholarships, that is the China Scholarship Council web site at Click the button "Scholarship Application for Students" at the
center right of the page, you will be directed to the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System. By registering with the system, you will be able to apply for all Chinese government scholarships offered either through the Chinese Embassy in your home country or the Chinese universities. You will have a better opportunity of getting the scholarship if you are already admitted by a Chinese university.

For this purpose, you will find that all Chinese government scholarship program information is available on the China Scholarship Council web site at also. You can search by universities and regions in China, you can also search by categories and programs, by clicking the "Universities and Programs" column. In this way, you will be able to match your interest with programs in Chinese universities.

You can also apply for scholarships from the local governments and universities through the universities directly. You can browse the scholarships under the "Scholarships" column to find detailed information on particular scholarships to how to apply. These scholarships might have specific requirements on the field and level of study.

The Chinese academic year usually begins in September, so the application process usually begins in early February and ends in late April or Early May. You will usually be notified in late June or early July to prepare for the visa application and other matters prior to your departure for China.

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