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Shonisani Manyaga - An Eye Opening And Fascinating Experience

Shonisani Manyaga completed his Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics) at the Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB) located in Perth, Western Australia in 2016, with outstanding results.

Although employed by the South African Department of Mineral Resources as a chief mine economist, Manyaga was keen to continue his studies to learn more about the economics of mining. He applied for an
Australian Award scholarship, which he was delighted to be granted. The prestigious Australian Award long-term study scholarship included:

Full tuition fees
Return air travel including a trip home for a vacation period
Contribution to living expenses

Manyaga said that living and studying in Australia for two years was "an eye opening and fascinating experience". He says, "I had to adapt to how things were done in a different culture. An immediate challenge was not knowing anyone."

He added that it had been important to network with other international students on arrival. He was also especially pleased to obtain the support from senior students who were essential in assisting in his immersion into the Australian lifestyle. He says, "Without their support I would have struggled, with the risk of underperforming, especially when not attending classes."

One of the aspects of Australian life, which struck him as being different to South Africa, was that of the transport system. He commented, "When a bus is scheduled to leave at a certain time than that is what it does." He continued, "In Australia there is no such thing as Africa time, everyone is very punctual." Consequently, he has brought home a much stricter time management ethos, which he applies in his daily life.

Manyaga believes that he has grown both personally and professionally from the time that he spent completing his master's degree in Australia. He says he has gained additional knowledge and experience in economic, financial and management issues as they relate to the mining sector, which ensure that he is
able to perform his work tasks better. He added that while he is aware of the difference that obtaining an international scholarship has made to his life, this difference is also apparent to his employer.

"I am able to make a greater contribution in the workplace, especially when dialogue around work issues is required. I am also provided with more opportunities to be involved in a variety of work platforms, which are a consequence of my time spent studying in Australia," said Manyaga.

He concluded that it had been an honour to study in Australia and that he would well recommend applying for a scholarship to anyone interested in the opportunity to study internationally

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