African Renaissance Festival 15-16 August 2019




 “Who are we? We are Africans. We are an African country. We are part of our multi-national region. We are an essential part of our continent.

 Being Africans, we are acutely aware of the wider world, deeply implicated in our past and present. That wider world carries some of our inheritance. We have learned a great deal from our complex past; adding continuously to our experience of being African.”

These words are an extract from the Vision Statement of the National Development Plan 2030.

Another of the tenants of South African National Development Plan vision states, “The welfare of each of us is the welfare of all.”

These words have special meaning in context of the theme for African Renaissance Festival 2019 which is: ‘Enhancing Collective Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship’.

The term of the 6th Administration of South Africa faces a challenging time in our history. Our economic growth remains subdued and our Gross Domestic Product fell in the first quarter of 2019.

As we well know and has often been previously stated one of the major challenges facing our country is the unacceptably high level of unemployment.

Through achieving the vision of the National Development Plan and the KZN Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government aims to ensure growth and development of all people of our province and especially the most vulnerable. We want to deliver a genuinely new South Africa where there is equal access to opportunities.

We accept that for the good of our province and our country, all communities must be afforded space to make their contribution, utilising the experience and expertise available to them to make ours a winning province.

No matter how noble our goals or how expressive our programmes, the success of the province lies in the unity of all of us.

We congratulate the organising committee of the African Renaissance Festival for ensuring that the event has reached its 21st year of existence which have been marked by many fruitful engagements with a range of delegates from all sectors of society. 

We have committed ourselves to continuing to support this initiative and we will meet with the organisers in the coming months to pave the way forward.

We welcome all delegates to the 21 st African Renaissance Festival in Durban and we wish you well in the Festival proceedings.


I thank you