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KZN Youth International Scholarships.

Information is knowledge and knowledge equals power! Studying internationally offers an excellent opportunity for students to grow academically, professionally, culturally and personally.  The launch of the KZN Youth International Scholarships website [] embodies the unwavering quest, by the Office of the Premier , the Department of Education, eThekwini Municipality  and the African Renaissance Trust, to ensure that the youth in our province have access to quality information and for us  to create an enabling environment to empower the youth to excel academically.  There are a number of scholarships and exchange programmes available to South African students to study abroad. These are offered by different governments and institutes from all over the world.  Study programmes offered include undergraduate, master, doctoral or post-doctoral degrees covering many different fields of interest.  

Each offer has its own entry requirements and eligibility criteria. Read through the information carefully and ensure that you meet all the minimum criteria and adhere to the submission deadlines. Information provided by the granting agency supersedes any information provided here. This list is by no means exhaustive of all possibilities. The amount of financial support offered varies greatly. Please check that any bursary applied for meets your needs.

Kindly note that the KZN Office of the Premier and its partners in this programme are only facilitators of information to you and are in no way responsible for giving out these bursaries. The KZN Office of the Premier and its partners offer limited additional funding, which is provided on a needs basis to deserving indigent students.